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Yuyo Botanics 100mg Turmeric Salve Topicals Yuyo Botanics
Yuyo Botanics 100mg Turmeric Salve Topicals Yuyo Botanics
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Yuyo Botanics 100mg Turmeric Salve

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    Yuyo Botanics' Turmeric Salve is their own Cannabidiol (CBD) version of 'tiger balm', applied directly to the skin. This formulation works best post workout, in the morning or evening to get you moving freely. The salve is made with organically grown hemp extract, turmeric, cayenne, menthol, aloe and other essential oils. No soy, no fillers. 

    This little guy is a bit hot, so we wouldn't recommend putting it on your face...or eyes.


    Organic Hemp Extract CBD, Turmeric, Cayenne, Menthol, Aloe Vera

    Contains 0.0% THC


    Take a small bit of salve and massage gently in the desired areas (Please don't put it on your face, or eyes - that would be uncomfortable), then enjoy the effects!


    What is Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Salve? 

    Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Salve is a unique blend of holistic ingredients in a salve form. It is a CBD topical product that's perfect to use post-workout or to apply to any area where you might be feeling discomforts. 

    Topicals are an efficient way to use CBD as they will directly target the area and decrease discomforts in a short period of time. 

    How much CBD is in Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Salve? 

    A jar of Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Salve contains 60ml of product and 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Which means that you get 16mg of CBD per ml of salve. 

    This salve also contains turmeric, menthol, cayenne, aloe and other essential oils. This blend of ingredients is sure to help with your body flow. The smells will also help you feel calmer as they will act as a form of aromatherapy. 

    How do I use Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Salve? 

    Apply Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Salve on any area where you are feeling discomfort. Be careful and don't apply it on your face or might feel a little burn from the menthol. 

    You can use as much of the Yuyo Botanics Salve as you want. Just like the oil, don't be afraid to apply too much. 

    Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Salve is also completely safe to apply multiple times throughout the day, it's a great way to keep your body moving freely all-day long. 

    Why should I use Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Salve? 

    Using a CBD topical, whether it's a cream, a salve or a balm is a lot more effective when you want to target a specific area. Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Salve has the ideal texture or to apply on your skin. 

    Using a CBD oil or CBD capsule are better to help with general wellbeing whereas a topical will absorb in the area where it is applied and act faster as well as be more effective. 

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    What is Turmeric?

    Turmeric is a spice that comes from India and has recently become one of the best superfoods of the decade. When taken on the daily, turmeric can really help improve your general wellbeing. 

    Having turmeric in the Yuyo Botanics supports the CBD in helping with body discomforts you're feeling. 

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