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The Nue Co Metabolism Capsules The Nue Co
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The Nue Co Metabolism

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    If you often feel tired through a work day and have a sweet tooth in the middle of the afternoon, The Nue Co Metabolism is for you! With Ayurvedic ingredients, this formula will lower your stress levels and keep your energy steady throughout the entire day. 


    CQR-300® Cissus quadranglaris stem and leaf extract (2.5% phytogenic ketosterones), GreenSelect® (proprietary green tea leaf extract) with sunflower phospholipids, hypromellose, L-leucine, Proprietary Blend (Garcinia cambogia fruit extract (60% hydroxycitric acid), green coffee bean extract (45% chlorogenic acid), cinnamon bark extract and cayenne pepper fruit), rice flour, silica


    Take one capsule in the morning and another in the evening, with food.


    Customer Reviews

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    Katherine s.

    I have been taking this now for two weeks and I have already noticed a difference.
    Great product and quick delivery of tablets.

    Sarah L.
    Kick those sugar cravings goodbye

    I reach for sugary treats when tired/stressed/anxious, so over 2020 this started to cause me issues. Metabolism helps me go through the day without any of those cravings hitting

    What is The Nue Co Metabolism?

    The Nue Co Metabolism is part of The Nue Co's The One Daily, which are targeted multivitamins for different areas of your body and overall health. Metabolism focuses on stopping stress-induced sugar cravings whilst speeding up your metabolism. 

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    What does The Nue Co Metabolism do?

    The Nue Co Metabolism stabilises your blood sugar; the ingredients help control blood glucose levels, helping to minimise insulin spikes that result from unbalanced meals. It also reduces sugar cravings; the ingredients cayene pepper extract and cinnamon have been shown to help you feel full and satisfied.

    Can I take The Nue Co Metabolism with other The Nue Co products?

    Yes, The Nue Co Metabolism is safe to take with any others in the The Nue Co range. We recommend combining it with The Nue Co Joints

    What is the metabolism and why should I support it?

    Metabolism is the process by which your body converts the food and water you consume into energy for immediate use or to be stored for later. Every action your body performs, including brushing your teeth and getting dressed in the morning, requires this energy.

    As you get older, your body naturally decreases in muscle mass while the amount of fat stored increases. This slows down our baseline metabolic rate and can result in a range of issues from constipation and fatigue to stress-induced sugar cravings. 

    What causes sugar cravings and why are they bad?

    When we are stressed, our bodies are hard-wired to crave sugar. Sugar triggers the release of serotonin, leading to feelings of relaxation and calmness helping take the edge off our stressed state. This, however, actually makes things worse long-term, as studies have proven that diets high in sugar can decrease the metabolisation of serotonin in the body, slowing down the body’s metabolic rate. Metabolising food (breaking it down) requires energy, known as the thermic effect of food (TEF). Processed foods require less energy to digest due to high levels of refined ingredients, which means that you spend less metabolic energy.