The Nue Co Debloat Food + Prebiotic Powder The Nue Co
The Nue Co Debloat Food + Prebiotic Powder The Nue Co
The Nue Co Debloat Food + Prebiotic Powder The Nue Co
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The Nue Co Debloat Food + Prebiotic

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    The Nue Co  Debloat Food + Prebiotic will help you get rid of uncomfortable bloating quickly, wherever you are. With natural ingredients like turmeric, ginger and cinnamon to support digestion and a healthy gut, this fast-acting prebiotic formula will bring you relief quickly.  

    Contains 30 sachets


    Maqui Berry (Fruit), Organic Ginger (Root), Organic Turmeric (Root), Organic Inulin (Jerusalem Artichoke Root), Organic Cinnamon Powder (Bark), Papain (Papaya), Marigold Extract (Flower)


    Mix one pack of Debloat in your favourite nut milk, or smoothie and drink, at anytime of the day. 


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    What is The Nue Co Debloat Food + Prebiotic? 

    The Nue Co Debloat Food + Prebiotic is a formula, inspired by traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, that gets rid of bloating after a meal. 

    It is vegan, cruelty-free, sugar-free and does not contain toxic preservatives. 

    How does The Nue Co Debloat Food + Prebiotic work?

    Debloat Food + Prebiotic gets rid of bloating; cinnamon, ginger and turmeric have been widely used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years and are believed to be anti-inflammatory, all three ingredients also help break up gas in the gastrointestinal tract.

    It also boosts digestive enzymes, which help to break down the proteins in food into peptides and amino acids. Lastly, it feeds the gut - it feeds the good bacteria and encourages diversity within the microbiome. 

    Can I take The Nue Co Debloat Food + Prebiotic with other The Nue Co products?

    Yes, The Nue Co Debloat Food + prebiotic is safe to take with any other The Nue Co products. We recommend combining it with Prebiotic + Probiotic, which additionally contains Probiotics, to maximise your gut health. Prebiotics are often seen as a fertiliser to probiotics, which also are living bacteria that help keep your gut health in check. 

    What are Prebiotics?

    Prebiotics are good bacteria that help support your gut health. They essentially feed the probiotics, to make sure they keep developing and don't die too quickly in your gut. They can be taken as supplement or as a food, but they are best when taken before a meal. One of the most well-known prebiotic is apple cider vinegar, which can really support your gut health when consumed everyday.