Amplify Roll-on (1600mg) Topicals OTO
Amplify Roll-on Topicals OTO
Amplify Roll-on Topicals OTO
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Amplify Roll-on (1600mg)


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    OTO CBD have blended 1600mg of CBD with essential oils for a highly concentrated and aromatic roll-on.

    Bitter Orange, Bergamot and Sandalwood are ideal for amplifying the moment and connecting with the people around you. Here, you can share moments and establish experiences.

    Strength: 1600mg

    Scent: Fresh citrus notes which opens up to a light sandalwood and vanilla scent. A very pleasant, long lasting freshness

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    OTO CBD is committed to bringing you the highest quality CBD when you need it most. Their roll-on formulas are designed to be used throughout the day to help you achieve your balance and focus.

    Enhance the moment with their Amplify roll-on


    Cannabidiol (CBD), Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Sandalwood

    Contains 0.0% THC


    Roll onto your wrists and temples 3 times a day (or more if needed)


    What is OTO CBD Roll On?

    OTO CBD roll-ons are a selection of different high strength CBD Roll-ons that are applied to the wrists and neck areas (behind the ears) to help you get back to yourself in times of need!

    How much CBD is in an OTO Roll On?

    There are 1600mg of CBD in each CBD roll-on from OTO. Along with other botanical products to amplify the performance of these CBD roll ons

    Where can I buy OTO CBD?

    Right here at TheDrug.Store! OTO CBD have partnered with us as we are the leading CBD retailer in the UK and EU. 

    If you fancy paying us a visit then we also have shops in Marylebone, London and Bank, London. Check out the locations here Marylebone // Bank 

    What OTO CBD products are there?

    We stock the OTO CBD Pillow mist and the three OTO Roll-ons too!

    Check them out here:

    What does OTO CBD do?

    OTO CBD is designed to help elevate you or chill you out in your times of need, the products are very highly concentrated with CBD and give you more "ooooo" in your day.

    Carefully blended with a curated selection of CBD and herbal ingredients, these great smelling roll ons and pillow mists are the key to allowing you to enhancing your flow