Mr.Moxey's Calm CBD Mints Capsules MrMoxey
Mr.Moxey Mints Capsules MrMoxey
Mr.Moxey Mints Capsules MrMoxey
Mr.Moxey Mints Capsules MrMoxey
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Mr.Moxey's Calm CBD Mints

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    CBD mints are one of the most popular form of taking small amounts of CBD throughout the day. Sometimes it's difficult to unwind and centre yourself in the working day - Mr Moxey CBD mints offer a fantastic and discreet way to shake the day off.

    With 5mg of CBD per mint - it actually offers more CBD than some CBD capsules being offered in the UK market! The peppermints are in typical British style, a long lasting, strong mint which leaves you feeling refreshed.

    Flavour: Peppermint

    Strength: 5mg per mint

    Number: 60 mints per pack


    Here to help you revitilise your day and maintain balance in mind and body - with a unique blend of cannabinoids, natural ingredients and herbs.


    Powdered Sugar, Peppermint oil, CBD Extract from Hemp, Gum Tragacanth, Indian Gooseberry, Echinacea, Maltodextrin, Agar

    Contains 0.0% THC


    Take 1-5 mints throughout the days when needed


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Rich. B.
    Really takes the edge off

    I bought these mints to help with my anxiety issues.
    They taste really nice, and last a decent length of time in your mouth.
    They are Really effective, and when I eventually go through the tin, I am definitely buying more.

    Ms S.C.H.
    Mint flavour was nice.

    Overall I suppose I was a bit dissapointed that I felt nothing - no change or calm or warmth or mellowing.So though the minty fresh flavour was nice I didnt feel a dicky bird of a change to my mood or my stress levels. Probs need to be stronger slightly.

    What are CBD Mints?

    CBD mints are a type of CBD (cannabidiol) edible that can be eaten like a typical mint. Usually the doses range between 5 to 10mg per mint. They are particularly popular as an add-on CBD product for taking throughout the day between your main CBD doses.

    How many Mr Moxey CBD Mints Should I take?

    Mr Moxey CBD mints have 5mg of CBD in which means you can happily take up to 8 of these a day, between your regular doses of CBD oil or capsules. They are a brilliant product to take at work or on the go!

    How Strong are CBD mints in the UK?

    CBD mints are around 2-10mg strong in the UK - we stock mints above 5mg. The strength of the mints is lower as the absorption is quick good and also they are designed to take in between your normal doses of CBD - like a microdose. In the UK, THC is illegal and therefore none of the CBD mints in the UK should contain any THC. However, you should also buy from a reputable source - like us :)

    What do CBD Mints taste like?

    Some CBD mints are like conventional British mints (like Mr Moxey CBD Mints!) - they are "minty". Others, like lucent botanicals, are flavoured with other botanical products as well as CBD and might have slight, sweet flavours like orange or lemon

    What are CBD Edibles?

    CBD Edibles are a type of CBD product that you eat - CBD mints are one form of CBD edibles but there are also CBD Gummies, Sprays and Drink Drops. CBD Edibles are a fantastic, tasty and enjoyable way of taking CBD!

    Where can I buy CBD mints?

    CBD mints are stocked commonly across the UK, however, it's hard to know what dose they are and whether they are legitimate or not - which is why it's important to get it from a reputable source. Some people may turn to Amazon at this point but they do not allow CBD to be on their site, which means the "CBD products" there are usually Hemp Seed Oil, which has almost no CBD in!