Dodow Sleep Aid Device Accessories Dodow
Dodow Sleep Aid Device Accessories Dodow
Dodow Sleep Aid Device Accessories Dodow
Dodow Sleep Aid Device Accessories Dodow
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Dodow Sleep Aid Device

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    If it takes forever for you to fall asleep, Dodow is going to change the way you sleep! Dodow is a metronome with a light-system that helps you fall asleep faster with two types of exercise (8 or 20 minutes). 

    The device will slow down your metabolism and your BPM, putting your body in the right conditions to fall asleep. 


    • You have racing thoughts at night
    • You're feeling stressed 
    • You often wake up during the night 
    • You live on a loud street or building 



    Tap the touch-sensitive surface once for the 8- minute mode, twice for the 20-minute mode. A blue light appears on the ceiling.

    Gently synchronise your breathing: Inhale when the light expands...


    ...then exhale when the light retracts. You may notice that the exhalation is deliberately longer. This will help create a sensation of tiredness which is conductive to falling asleep.


    At the end of the exercise (8 or 20 minutes) Dodow switches itself off. You’ll be in the ideal
    body state to fall asleep naturally, in whatever position you like.


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    Why do I need Dodow Sleep Aid machine? 

    If you're having a hard time falling asleep and feel like you've trying every exercise you can find online and it hasn't work, you should give Dodow a try. Dodow will help you fall asleep with sophrology exercises inspired by yoga practices.

    These exercises, along with light will help you get out of your mind and focus on an external point, while taking deep breaths and slowly falling asleep. 

    How big is the Dodow Sleep Aid device? 

    The Dodo Sleep Aid machine is really small, light (180 grams) and compact. You can place and leave your Dodow machine on your night stand and you won't even notice that it's there. 

    Do I need to charge Dodow? 

    Dodow is an electronic device that work with the help of AAA batteries, so you don't need to recharge the device after you've used it. With your Dodow, you will receive a set of three batteries. These batteries should last you for about 100 nights, depending on how often you use your Dodow.

    Can Dodow Sleep aid device fix jet lag? 

    Dodow Sleep Aid machine was originally developed to help for people who have a hard time falling asleep due to stress or who have racing thoughts at night.

    However, some people who have been using their Dodow to fight jetlag have had really good results, you might need to go through multiple sessions (2 or 3) as it's not just a matter of stress in this case. 

    Can children use Dodow Sleep Aid device? 

    Yes children can use Dodow, as the light will also help if they are scared of the dark. However, it might take a bit longer for them to fall asleep (2 or 3 sessions). The same goes for the elderly, as it may take a little longer for them to manage to focus.