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Intimacy Gift Box Gifts
Intimacy Gift Box Gifts
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Intimacy Gift Box


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    This Christmas, you'll have your friends shouting and smiling with this gift set. 

    Experience intimacy in a new and different way with our Intimacy gift set! This bundle has some of the best CBD Intimacy and sex products in the UK from brands like Foria. 

    The Intimacy Set contains: 

    ✔️ Foria Awaken 

    ✔️ Kiskanu Intimacy Oil 

    ✔️ Smile Makers 'Surfer' Vibrator 

    ✔️ TheDrug.Store Drawstring Bag 

    SAVE £10 with this bundle! 


    Foria Awaken: Spray a small amount and massage gently. DO NOT use with latex, only with oil-safe materials like silicone. 

    Kiskanu Intimacy Oil: Shake well and apply as much as you want to your body or your partner's. 

    Smile Makers 'Surfer' Vibrator: Made for external use only, this little guy has 3 different speeds that will take you on the craziest waves of pleasure. 


    What is the Intimacy Gift Box? 

    The Intimacy gift box is the gift that keeps on giving. This set contains some of our bestsellers, including one of the most praised CBD sex products, Foria Awaken

    The Intimacy set is the gift you can offer to your partner and know that you will also benefit from it. Enjoy some of the best products from our Intimacy Collection, whether they are our CBD products or the accessory, in that case the Smile Makers 'Surfer' vibrator. 

    What is in the Intimacy Gift Box? 

    The box contains some of the best CBD intimacy products in the UK, they come in full-size and you'll save £10 with this bundle!

    You get Foria Awaken, the CBD lubricant that's making everyone shout. This hemp-based lube is one of our best sellers and one of the most-wanted CBD products in the UK.

    You also get the Kiskanu Intimacy Oil, which is the perfect oil to play with your partner before and during sex. This is the perfect multi-purpose oil that you can use to help with dryness, discomfort and greater arousal.

    In this set, you also get the Smile Makers Surfer Vibrator, one of the newest additions to our website. This vibrator is the ideal travel companion, it's small and discreet, but still very powerful and effective. It's the perfect add-on to your hemp-based intimacy products. 

    What's the link between CBD and Sexual Health? 

    Just like it helps when you take it to feel relaxed, using CBD for sex will make the experience even more enjoyable. Many women feel discomforts and have a hard time to relax during sex, and if that's where your mind so, that's also how your body will feel. 

    Foria Awaken is the perfect product to spray on your vagina before and during sex. It was specifically made to help you relax and enhance the sensitivity in those parts. 

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    Is the Intimacy box for men and women? 

    Hemp-based intimacy products are usually thought-of and crafted for women, since their sexual wellness and pleasure tend to be neglected. That's the case for the products you'll find in the Intimacy box, but even though they were made for women, that doesn't mean that men can't get pleasure out of it either. 

    Even though the intimacy box was made for women, men will receive the gift of a new sexual experience. With this kit, women will feel more pleasure and freedom in the bedroom that will lead to both parties experiencing this new level of pleasure. 

    Why choose the Intimacy Box? 

    Intimacy is a subject that is quite taboo and still difficult to be vocal about. Most people won't choose to buy intimacy products for themselves, let alone CBD intimacy products. Offering this box will help break the taboo around female sexual wellness and will definitely bring a smile on their face! 

    The Intimacy box contains some of the highest-quality CBD intimacy products in the UK at an amazing value.