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Apothem Day Drops (6000mg) Oil Apothem
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Apothem Day Drops (6000mg)

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    When you feel overwrought and tightly wound, Apothem CBD Day drops have your back. Pure in formulation, taste and texture, this CBD-packed therapeutic elixir has been formulated to help you feel calm, no matter what the day throws at you. Enjoy this fuss-free, tasteless tincture every morning. Available in two sizes and strengths, to cater your needs the best. 

    also available in 1500mg of CBD in 15ml


    Organic MCT (Cocos Nucifera) oil, Cannabidiol (CBD derived from Hemp)



    Place 1/4 pipette of oil under the tongue and and leave for 1-2 minutes to allow the oil to absorb


    Who is Apothem Labs?

    Apothem Labs is a new and innovative London-based CBD company that creates products with pure cannabidiol and some of the best botanicals. They believe in CBD and botanicals' potential to create powerful plant-based formulations through botanical synergy. Every ingredient in their products is there to work in harmony with each other.

    What is Apothem Day Drops? 

    Apothem Day Drops is one of the strongest and most innovative CBD oils in the UK. This CBD tincture is a new daily oil to take in the morning or whenever you feel like you need a little help to feel calm. It's one of the simplest formulations of CBD, yet it's also one of the strongest CBD oils in the UK

    How much CBD is in Apothem Day Drops? 

    Apothem Day Drops exists in two different formats. 1ml of Day contains 100ml of hemp extract, which is one of the highest content you can find in the UK.  
    • 15ml contains 1500mg of CBD 
    • 60ml contains 6000mg of CBD

    Taking a CBD oil with higher concentration is best for those who take CBD on a daily basis. The Day Drops are perfect for that, you would only need to take a small amount, which makes it better value. This CBD oil will last you for a long time. 

    How to take Apothem Day Drops? 

    Thoroughly shake the bottle, drop the desired amount under your tongue and leave the oil there for one or two minutes or until it completely absorbs. 

    Regarding dosage, this oil is very concentrated so you don't need to take as much as you would with a beginner oil. With CBD, it's always better to start low and go slow. Take half a dropper and if you feel like you need more, up your dose step by step. 

    Is Apothem Day Drops Organic and Vegan? 

    Every Apothem Labs CBD product is completely vegan and cruelty-free, which makes them perfectly suitable for people on a plant-based diet. All the botanicals in the oil are all organic and the CBD is all sourced from organically-grown hemp. 

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