Ancient and Brave Cacao + Collagen (250g)
Ancient and Brave Cacao + Collagen (250g)
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Ancient and Brave Cacao + Collagen (250g)

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    Ancient and Brave's Cacao + Collagen is a deliciously smooth chocolate blend packed with organic Peruvian raw cacao and enriched with 2000mg of True Collagen in every serving. 

    With hints of cinnamon and Himalayan pink salt, this high-fibre, high-protein nourishing blend is a delicious addition to your daily routine packed with restorative Siberian ginseng and cleansing beetroot. 


      Organic Peruvian raw cacao, Organic cocoa, Grass fed bovine collagen (20%), Organic beetroot, Organic cinnamon, Organic carob, Organic Siberian ginseng, Organic baobab, Pink Himalayan salt

      Approx. 25 servings (250g)


      Mix 2 scoops (10g) of Cacao + Collagen with 250ml hot water or your favourite plant-based milk.


      Customer Reviews

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      Darren A.

      Great product love the taste

      Love this stuff

      I drink this every morning and I think it helps with my mood, skin, joints and general well-being. Reassuring cup every morning..

      Fady A.
      Love it

      I add to my coffee with a bit of oat milk. It's even better just with hot water or hot oat milk. Also this is my third getting it

      Rachel B.
      Superb Product

      Delicious and incredibly nourishing … I mix with warmed Almond ‘Milk’ and it makes a creamy, velvety drink … love the packaging too. I highly recommend this brand and product to support your wellbeing.

      What benefits does Ancient and Brave Cacao + Collagen provide?

      Ancient and Brave Cacao + Collagen contain botanical adaptogens which help build resilience to stress, so this product may be helpful when your to-do list is looking pretty stacked up.

      Collagen contributes to normal skin, joint, bone and cartilage function. It is also an excellent source of protein to help support muscle mass and body conditioning. This is the perfect nourishment to help avoid in-between meal snacking!

      How much collagen does 1 serving contain?

      1 serving (=2 scoops/10g) of Ancient and Brave Cacao + Collagen contains 2000mg grass-fed bovine type 1 hydrolysed collagen peptides.

      How does True MCT oil complement this blend?

      True MCT contains special fats that cells can readily burn and convert into energy and ketones. By adding MCT into this blend you add another layer of fuel to your day and are providing your body, muscles, and brain with an effective energy supply. This is particularly helpful while fasting.

      How does Ancient and Brave Cacao + Collagen support me on my fast?

      Ancient and Brave supplements have been designed with people doing different types and styles of fasting. They have created the "Brave Method" with three principles - under 50 kcal, low carb and low sugar, which works alongside many styles of intermittent fasting, time restricted eating, ketogenic diets, and fat fasting diets.

      Ancient and Brave Cacao + Collagen delivers key nutrients, natural caffeine and specific vitamins and minerals, with a serving size that’s formulated to maintain fasting while encouraging satiety and alertness.

      Is Ancient and Brave Cacao + Collagen organic and sustainable?

      The plant-based ingredients of Ancient and Brave Cacao + Collagen are organic and approved by the Soil Association. Furthermore, Ancient and Brave are using recycled materials and all cardboard used is FSC certified. The inside bag of this particular product is currently recyclable in two UK centres.