Anatome Focus + Concentration (10ml) Topicals Anatome
Anatome Focus + Concentration (10ml) Topicals Anatome
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Anatome Focus + Concentration (10ml)

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    The Anatome Focus + Concentration Rollerball is your new desk essential! With 25 natural essential oils, this blend will sharpen your concentration and rebalance your mind and focus the mind on tasks with energy, stamina and clear thought. If you have a busy day ahead and need the extra concentration, this blend is made for you! 


    Holy Basil, Indian Ginger Root, Paraguayan Black Pepper, Australia Wild Fragonia Tree, Clary Sage, Russian Eucalyptu, Somali Frankincense, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Coconut Oil

    Vegan and Cruelty-free


    Apply the oil on the sensory points as guided, starting with the wrists, raise them to your nose and breathe in deeply the oils. 
    Re-apply every 3 hours when needed.


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    Your new desk essential to help you focus and concentrate
    Contains 25 natural essential oils
    1. Holy basil
    2. Indian ginger root
    3. Paraguayan black pepper
    4. Australia wild Fragonard tree
    5. Clary sage
    6. Russian eucalyptu
    7. Somali frankincense
    8. Cinnamon
    9. Cardamom
    10. Coconut oil
    These ingredients have been collected from all over the world.
    Hmmm, that’s a huge carbon foot print. HUGE.
    Please say you use pollytunnels and that these herbs are all grown in one place and you seriously haven’t been all over the world to pick these ingredients when your country grows these (albeit without some of the cool names).
    Although no animals have been harmed, or experimented on with these natural essential oils.
    It is vegan - which always puts in mind that this is edible (giggling to myself).

    I brought this oil, because the write up made me laugh out loud, as it’s so ridiculous
    Essential oils work on the limbic system and help to calm your nervous system.
    The carrier oil is the coconut oil.
    The rest of the oils, they are just a few droplets added to the carrier oil.

    Does this make me focus and concentrate more. Nope.
    It soothes my system, allowing me, in my calmer state to get things done.

    Would I purchase this again, only if they tell us what the other 15 ingredients are......