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This Works founder Kathy Phillips is an award-winning international journalist and beauty expert. A former Beauty Director of Vogue UK, Kathy is also a qualified yoga teacher having practiced and studied the subject for over thirty years.

This Works was created to develop clean, targeted skincare and wellness solutions that work in harmony with your body clock, 24hrs a day - rooted in science and proven to work.


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Pillow Spray

A few sprays of This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and your nights will get better. Sleep is when our bodies rest but also get rid of toxins, when our skin cells repair...it's the ultimate beauty treatment.

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Hand Sanitizer

This Works Clean Hands will protect, clean and nourish hands between washes with this 98% natural formulation whilst helping to relieve feelings of tension. This antibacterial gel also contains hyaluronic acid to give your hand a little hydration


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