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Shipping Information

Which countries do you ship to?


We currently ship to the UK and most countries in Europe. If you are unsure about whether we ship to your country, just ask our team!

*Please note that international orders may take a little longer to arrive due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and new Brexit regulations*

How long does shipping take?



Next day delivery with DPD available for orders placed before 1pm

Standard Delivery with Royal Mail: 2-3 days


Standard Delivery with Royal Mail: 7-9 days

*Please note that international orders may take a little longer to arrive due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and new Brexit regulations*


How much is shipping?



Next day delivery with DPD (for orders placed before 1pm) – £5

Standard delivery with Royal Mail – £3

Free UK delivery for orders over £40


Standard Delivery with Royal Mail - £7


Do I have to pay import tax on my order?

If you are based outside of the UK, the prices displayed on our website are excluding VAT. This means your order will be subject to local tax upon arrival.

How can I track my order?


Once you receive your order confirmation, you will be able to track the progress of your delivery via the link.

Your package will be fully traceable both in the UK and in Europe with your local courier.


Other Products (Non-CBD)

Can I use any of your products while pregnant or breastfeeding?


Some of our products contain essential oils and other compounds, which would not be suitable during pregnancy. We recommend consulting your physician for specific advice.


Are all of your products vegan?


We do stock vegan products, however not all of our products are. Please refer to the individual product pages.


Are all of your products cruelty-free?


Not all our products are cruelty-free, as some of them sell in mainland China (where animal testing is mandatory). Please refer to the individual product pages.



Which payment methods do you accept?


We accept:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Clearpay UK
  • American Express

Can I pay with PayPal?


Unfortunately we don’t accept payments with PayPal.


Can I pay with American Express?


Yes, we accept American Express payments.


Do you have a discount code?

New customers get a 15% off code when they sign up to our email list - being a part of that list will also keep you up to date with any sales or promotions going forward!

Do you offer gift cards?


We do! Find them here.



The product is not working on me. Can I return it?


Feel free to get in touch with our team; we are more than happy to provide advice for a holistic approach to your personal wellness or discuss dosages with you.

Unfortunately we can’t accept a return on opened consumable products. Please refer to our returns policy.


Working with us

I would like you to stock my product. Who do I contact?


Thanks for your interest in working with us!

Please send your details over to info@thedrug.store and a member of the team will get back to you.


I would like to write for your blog. Who do I contact?


Thanks for your interest in working with us!

Please send us an email to info@thedrug.store and if we are interested, we will get back to you.


Do you have an affiliate program?


We do! Please refer to our Affiliate page.


CBD Questions

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound typically extracted from hemp, which contains a high concentration of CBD and is one of 100+ cannabinoids (closely related compounds to CBD) found in these plants. THC is the most famous of these cannabinoids and is the only linked to the "high" people get from cannabis, we go through an extraction process to eliminate all of the THC from our CBD Hemp Extract.
If you want to learn more about what CBD is, check out our CBD 101 page

Can I overdose on CBD?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have deemed CBD to be perfectly safe and tests have been done with incredibly strong doses and has been deemed safe to use even at those high doses. Whilst we always recommend you to be sensible, there are no indications you can over dose at the concentration in our products.
We recommend you not to exceed over 200mg per day.

What's the difference between CBD and THC?

Both compounds are found in Hemp and Marijuana, however THC is the compound that gets people "high" and is the illegal substance. CBD on the other hand is legal and will not get you high. CBD is one of many compounds found in Cannabis plants but it is one of the most researched, with scientific studies showing there could be an array of therapeutic benefits CBD could have on the body.

Is CBD legal?

Yep, no worries here! CBD is completely legal in the UK and EU.
However, in the UK THC is a banned substance and most products contain THC - which is why we have created a site exclusively for UK legal products with 0.0% THC!
If you want to learn a little more, take a look here

How much CBD should I take?

Think of CBD a little bit like alcohol or sugar, different people react differently to varying amounts - some people can have more, and some less. Most of our products have a recommended starting dose would be around 20-25mg of CBD. However, some people would want to take more depending on why they are taking it.
We recommend you not to take over 70mg per day

Can I fly with CBD?

This is a bit of a tricky subject as CBD is legal within the EU. However, we advise you to always check with your airlines and also the legislation in the country you're flying to!

About Us

Our Philosophy

We noticed the UK market was confusing, over priced and not that trustworthy, so we made TheDrug.Store to be a trusted source of the best in-class wellness. Stocking the best brands and the best products. We only stock brands that meet our regulation and that we believe work, when you shop with us you know you're buying a vetted brand and the product is the best in it's category.

Our Brands

All the brands we stock have been vetted and tested by us, we love them all! If we don't love it then we don't stock it, it's that simple!
We get asked "Whats the best cbd brand" all the time and simply put, in our opinion they are all leaders in their fields.

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