Our Experts

We are proud to work with leading experts, who are always ready to help you achieve optimal wellbeing. Unsure which expert is the right one for you? Chat with us and we will be happy to help you find the most suitable one.

Dr Julie Moltke

Sleep - Stress - Anxiety

Julie has a background as medical doctor and has spent most of her career focusing on mental health, stress management, and the medicinal cannabis industry.

Julie believes in personalised medicine and seeing every client as an individual with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Besides her medical background she is a trained yoga and mindfulness teacher.

Dr Lavinia Ionita

Stress - General Health Check-ups

Lavinia aims to reinvent primary care with a data-driven preventative approach, helping individuals to take care of their health in a more scientific and ultimately more efficient way. She is a practitioner with a ground-breaking approach to medicine, dedicated to prevention and health.

Depending on your needs, Lavinia will provide at home test kits to run to check hormones, minerals, vitamins, etc. Lavinia also runs Akesio - at home test for stress biomarkers - order here.

Rob Hobson

Nutrition - Sleep - Healthy Chef

Rob is a registered nutritionist with a degree in nutrition, master’s degree in public health nutrition and over 12 years of experience. Rob’s work spans both public health, working within the NHS and alongside charity organisations, and industry working with many of the UK’s leading health and wellness brands.

Rob is the author of the hugely successful book, The Detox Kitchen Bible and also The Art of Sleeping which have been translated into many languages worldwide.  

Hayley Pedrick

Sleep - Nutrition - Pain

Hayley is a nutritional therapist, certified Results Coach, natural medicine consultant and keynote speaker for the London Sleep Centre.

She works with insomniac and sleep apnea sufferers, providing functional testing, autonomic rebalancing and nutrition and supplementation programs to compliment patient prescription treatment protocols and support those who are seeking to transition away from the regular use of medication.

Clarissa Lenherr

Nutrition - Gut Health

Clarissa is a registered Nutritionist and founder of Clarissa Lenherr Nutrition, a nutrition consultancy where she uses her extensive knowledge and experience to advise on all aspects of nutrition.

Clarissa practices from a clinic on Harley St, London, offering clients one to one nutrition consultations and corporate seminars. She graduated from the College of Natural Medicine with a distinction in Nutrition after three years of studying biochemistry and nutritional therapy.

Lauren Windas

Fatigue - Digestion - Stress

Lauren is a fully accredited Nutritionist and Naturopath and co-founder of ARDERE Wellbeing. She has a passion for all things nutrition, lifestyle and holistic wellness.

She studied extensively for 3 years with the esteemed College of Naturopathic Medicine and has since gone on to extend her studies by training as a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders & Obesity.

Lauren’s clientele comprises of those with high stress, chronic fatigue and digestive troubles.