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TheDrug.Store is the a leader in CBD retail, supplying a curated selection of CBD products and Brands. We are dedicated in finding you the best CBD oil products, tried and tested by us!

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CBD (cannabidiol) is the new go-to health and wellness supplement in the UK. Since our launch in 2018, we have helped tens of thousands of you select and CBD that's right for you.

We have since opened two, state-of-the-art CBD UK stores in London and are continuing our expansion in 2020 - where next...?

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We have always made sure that we bring you the best CBD brands and products in the UK and are committed to keep bringing you the newest and most innovative CBD products.

Where to buy CBD in the UK

CBD is not typically stocked by the likes of Amazon as they haven't yet changed their legal policy on it so it's kinda tricky to find where to by CBD from. Many of the CBD oils you findon the likes of Amazon are in fact Hemp Oil and contain very little CBD - it would not be deemed a trustworthy source of high quality CBD. So where do you buy CBD from in the UK? Well we started to fix this problem as we self regulate and test all our products meaning that we are a reliable source of CBD - stocking only the best and highest quality CBD brands in the World.

With thousands of brands to choose from it can be tricky, our product selection is in constant rotation as we find and verify more brands, if a brand has better CBD oils than another, for example, we will stock only the better one!

We also provide premium Customer Service to help you select the right products! Check out our 5-star Trustpilot rating here!

Or, why not visit our London stores to talk to our experts on CBD and the best CBD product for you, whether its a CBD oil, capsule gummy, skincare or drink! See our CBD Store (UK)

Is CBD legal in the UK?

Yes! But this come with a big "but"!

Many people selling CBD do not realise that any product that contains THC is in fact illegal in the UK and EU, to sell a legal CBD product in the UK the product must be 0.0% CBD. That is why we test all of our products and they are only CBD isolate or Broad Spectrum CBD - not Full Spectrum CBD (contains THC). Check this out from the Home Office on their CBD policy. Any trace of a controlled substance (i.e. THC) is deemed illegal.

So, all the products on TheDrug.Store contain 0.0% THC making it legal in the UK. Recently, many retailers and brands have had their shipments to customers confiscated due to the fact the product contains CBD. If you buy CBD then buy only from places that are aware you most have 0.0% THC in the product.

Whats the best CBD product in the UK?

At TheDrug.Store we only stock the best CBD product in the UK, by carefully selecting the best CBD brands and products for you. However, we do of course have some favourites so take a look at our list below:

1) Best CBD Oils UK

2) Best CBD Capsules UK

3) Best CBD Edibles UK

4) Best CBD and Cannabis Skincare Creams

Can you take too much CBD?

CBD has been passed as safe by the World Health Organisation - we recommend you do not exceed over 200mg of CBD per day. In most cases this would be hard to do so as it would equate to taking over 8 25mg capsules a day.

CBD Shipping to UK & EU

As long as a product contains 0.0% THC in, most CBD products can be shipped freely to all UK and EU countries. We make sure all the products on TheDrug.Store contain 0.0% THC.