Who are we?

It was at Imperial College where the founders Johan and Clemens researched and started to discover the potential of natural and non-intrusive benefits of CBD. After spending a bit of time in the medical cannabis industry, the two decided to focus entirely on CBD, founding thedrug.store

Our team of scientists, researchers, and international partners are the foundation of our company and they continue to push the boundary to improve the quality of the products we sell and the education we provide.

TheDrug.store founders Johan and Clemens

Why We Work

Quality CBD products in the UK

Priorities in place

We care about what you think, we also care about the law. So, when it comes to quality products you can trust, it doesn't get much better.

All our products are 0% THC, and all the brands are handpicked by us.

CBD knowledge ad how does cbd work

Clever clogs

Having advised on cannabis law for various governments, we closely monitor legislation developments around the world.

Our team makes sure to always stay on top of all things CBD to make sure we provide the best products for you.

Is CBD legal? whats the law?

Making some noise

We believe in CBD, and our customers do too, we are commited to providing the best brands and products for our customers.

We want to make a difference and have people take notice.Now is the time to show the world CBD deserves its place in wellbeing.

The CBD industry in the UK is changing


Setting the pace

Royally Good