The Nue Co Digest Start (30ml) Oil The Nue Co
The Nue Co Digest Start (30ml) Oil The Nue Co
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The Nue Co Digest Start (30ml)

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    The Nue Co Digest Start will stimulate your digestive enzymes naturally with ingredients like Apple cider vinegar and licorice. This one is perfect to take on-the-go for your day-to-day life. Better digestion also means better immune function and fewer sugar cravings! 

    With a few drops under your tongue or in some water, say goodbye to uneasy digestion and bloating. 


    Organic apple cider vinegar, burdock root, dandelion root, licorice root and clove. 


    Place a full dropper of Digest Start under your tongue 15 minutes before a meal. Can be taken up to three times a day. 


    What is The Nue Co Digest Start?

    The Nue Co Digest Start has been designed to stimulate your digestive enzymes, aiding sluggish or unpredictable digestion. It draws inspiration from the traditional “bitters medicine” popular in the 19th century. Used for everything from boosting immune function, to curbing sugar cravings and supporting digestion. 

    How does The Nue Co Digest Start work?

    Digest Start triggers your bitter taste receptors, T2Rs. Your tongue is packed with T2Rs and when these are stimulated a nerve signal sparks in critical areas in the brain, specifically the hypothalamus where the vagus nerve is located. The signals stimulates the production of digestive juices, stomach acid, bile and our digestive enzymes. 

    T2Rs are also all along the gut passage, but their roles are different. When these gut receptors are stimulated by bitter compounds, cells studded with T2Rs secrete hormones into our bloodstream that contribute to feelings of fullness and satiety.

    Can I take The Nue Co Digest Start with other The Nue Co products?

    Yes, The Nue Co Digest Start is safe to add to any routine for gut support. We recommend pairing it with The Nue Co Debloat+ and The Nue Co Prebiotic + Probiotic to help reset and heal your gut. 

    What are digestive enyzmes?

    Digestive enzymes play a key role in breaking down the food you eat. These proteins speed up chemical reactions that turn nutrients into substances that your digestive tract can absorb. If your body doesn't make enough digestive enzymes, it can't digest food well. That can mean stomach aches, bloating, or other painful symptoms.