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The Nue Co Skin Food + Prebiotic Powder The Nue Co
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The Nue Co Skin Food + Prebiotic

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    As we get older the elasticity of our largest organ, the skin, degrades gradually due to the reduction of collagen in our skin. The Nue Co's Skin Food+Prebiotic uses an essential blend of vitamins, minerals and other botanicals to stimulate our bodies’ own collagen production to establish the foundation for smoother and healthier skin. 

    This formula with Vitamin C, Zinc and Camu Camu berry powder will leave your skin looking and feeling smoother and brighter.


    Inulin, Pouteria Iucuma (Lucuma) fruit, Adansonia (Baobab) fruit, Camu Camu, Brown rice (grain) protein.



    Every morning or at night, stir 1 level teaspoon into water, plant-based milk or any healthy drink of choice.

    Take everyday for the best results.


    What is The Nue Co Skin Food + Prebiotic? 

    The Nue Co Skin Food + Prebiotic is a formula that will boost your collagen production as well as your gut health. Skin Food will brighten, smooth and help repair your skin. The prebiotic will support your gut health, to make sure that you feel good from the inside out. 

    How does The Nue Co Skin Food + Prebiotic work?

    Your gut health and your skin are strongly connected. If you're not eating well and you're bloated, it will show on your skin. If you feel discomforts, you will lose that happy glow. With ingredients like Vitamin C, Skin Food + Prebiotic affects your skin and your gut at the same time. 

    If you feel like your face is puffy sometimes because of what you're eating, this is the best product for you. 

    How to take The Nue Co Skin Food + Prebiotic?

    You can take it once a day, in the morning or the evening. Stir a teaspoon of Skin Food + Prebiotic in water, plant-based milk or even your breakfast. For better results, you can use it with: 

    The Nue Co Topical-C

    Is The Nue Co Skin Food + Prebiotic vegan?

    All The Nue Co products are carefully crafted with the best ingredients to make sure they are suitable for everyone. The Prebiotic + Probiotic are vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free, so you don't have to worry about them not being appropriate for your diet. 

    Their packaging is also sustainable, with glass jars that you can easily repurpose in your home.

    What are Prebiotics? 

    Prebiotics and probiotics are good bacteria that help support your gut health. Probiotics are living bacteria that simply help keep your gut health in check. They can be taken after a heavy meal or simply everyday to prevent any bloating. 

    Prebiotics are best when taken before a meal. They essentially feed the probiotics, to make sure they keep developing and don't die too quickly in your gut. Many people see prebiotics as a fertilizer to probiotics. They can be taken as supplement or as a food. One of the most well-known prebiotic is apple cider vinegar, which can really support your gut health when consumed everyday.