OTO CBD Pillow Mist Oil OTO
OTO CBD Pillow Mist Oil OTO
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OTO Pillow Mist (2400mg)


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    High quality CBD blended with lavender, chamomile and vetiver to help you get a full and comfortable rest. With 2400mg, the Pillow Mist is a high quality, high strength product, for those who take night-time seriously.

    Following a 2 week survey, 81% of participants reported an increase in sleep quality.


    Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) extract, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver

    Contains 0.0% THC


    Spray 2-3 times on your pillow for the optimum measure of CBD


    What is OTO CBD Pillow Mist?

    OTO CBD has been made by a team of world-leading scientist to produce this premium CBD pillow mists. It's vegan friendly formula make's it available to all. 

    The CBD Pillow Mist by OTO is a highly concentrated, high strength CBD mist that is sprayed across your pillow before bed. This helps you achieve an unwinding experience when you need it at night.

    The CBD and botanical extracts work in harmony to give you a mellow and relaxing experience.

    What does OTO CBD Pillow Mist smell like?

    The OTO CBD pillow mist is blended with Lavender and chamomile for a light and aromatic scent. Both these ingredients have been used in sleep sprays and ointments for years - now it's been coupled with 2400mg of CBD! Which is a lot!

    How much CBD is in the OTO Pillow Mist?

    2400mg of CBD is packed into this little chap! Making it one of the most concentrated CBD Oils in the market - why? Because it works!

    How do you use OTO CBD Pillow Mist?

    Take the OTO CBD pillow mist and simply spray 2-3 times on your pillow before bed and there you go! Simple!