East by West Tongue Tingler Accessories East by West
East by West Tongue Tingler Accessories East by West
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East by West Tongue Tingler

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    The East by West Tongue Tingler will make your mouth happier and healthier, which is also key to a happy and healthy gut, and ultimately a happy and healthy you!  

    Inspired by Ayurveda, scraping your tongue is a common practice in countries like India and Sri Lanka. This practice is starting to rise in the UK, so make sure you make this part of your morning routine! This tongue scraper is made from 100% copper, which has antibacterial properties. 


    Take the two ends of the tongue scraper in each hand, stick out your tongue, and guide the arch of the tongue scraper to the back of the tongue. Gently scrape forward and down several times, rinsing the white mucus off the scraper in between.

    Rinse the mouth once then wash the scraper with hot water after use.

    Store in a clean, dry place.