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Apothem Defence Drops (3000mg)

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    Apothem Labs blended 3000mg of pure CBD in organic MCT oil with botanicals that have uniquely supportive properties. With Apothem Defence Drops, give yourself a boost that will help you get back on your feet whenever you need it during the day. 

    This warming, lightly spiced formula infused with flavours of lemon and ginger to help you feel fortified and refreshed.

    Size: 30ml

    Dose: 100mg/ml


    ♡ Why we love it ♡ 
    Apothem Labs is an award-winning plant-based wellness and CBD brand that aligns with our values and exists to connect more people to the restorative power of plants. 


    Vegan 0.0% THC Gluten-Free Cruelty-Free  Made in the UK


    Organic MCT (Cocos Nucifera) oil, Cannabidiol (CBD derived from Hemp), Natural Flavouring, Shiitake Mushroom (Lentinula Edodes), Ginger (Zingiber Officinalis), Echinacea (Echinacea Purpurea), Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra), Olive leaf (Olea Europea) Extract, Astralagus (Astragalus Propinquus).


    We recommend 4-5 drops, up to three times a day. Take a moment for yourself and hold the drops under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. 

    1 drop is approximately 5mg. Do not exceed 70mg/day. 


    This oil is housed in a glass bottle with recyclable pipette and plastic cap. The teat is currently not yet recycled. The bottle comes in a recyclable cardboard outer.


    Who is Apothem Labs?

    Apothem Labs is a new and innovative London-based CBD company that creates products with pure cannabidiol and some of the best botanicals. They believe in CBD and botanicals' potential to create powerful plant-based formulations through botanical synergy. Every ingredient in their products is there to work in harmony with each other.

    What is Apothem Labs Defence Drops? 

    Apothem Defence Drops is the CBD oil that will give you a boost of energy without caffeine. With a slightly spicy taste, this oil is the perfect product to give you a kick whenever you might need it during the day. Don't let the chaos of the day get to you, this CBD tincture is the perfect blend of hemp extract and botanicals like ginger and shiitake mushroom. 

    How much CBD is in Apothem Labs Defence Drops? 

    In Apothem Defence Drops, you get 3000mg of hemp extract in 30ml of oil, which is unlike any night-time products we have at TheDrug.Store! Get 100mg of CBD per ml of oil, a strong amount to help you feel more balanced and collected throughout your busy day. 

    How to take Apothem Defence Drops? 

    The Defence Drops is the perfect product to take during the day. The botanical synergy will bring you calmness as well as energy. To take this oil shake it well and drop the desired amount under your tongue. For this CBD oil, take half a dropper to start with and always feel free to take more if you feel like it's not enough for you. 

    Start low and go slow is the rule of CBD dosing, taking less of this oil is better value as it will last a lot longer. 

    Is Apothem Defence Organic and Vegan? 

    Every Apothem Labs CBD product is completely vegan and cruelty-free, which makes them perfectly suitable for people on a plant-based diet. All the botanicals in the oil are all organic and the CBD is all sourced from organically-grown hemp. 

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