Larq Purifying Water Bottle Accessories Larq
Larq Purifying Water Bottle Accessories Larq
Larq Purifying Water Bottle Accessories Larq Black
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Larq Purifying Water Bottle Accessories Larq
Larq Purifying Water Bottle Accessories Larq
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Larq Purifying Water Bottle (500ml)

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    Larq is a self-cleaning reusable water bottle that allows you to drink pure water from a clean bottler wherever you are. With four different modes (normal, adventure, self-cleaning and travel) this one-of-a-kind, innovative water bottle adapts to the situation you're in. 


    Patented UV-C LED
    The LARQ Bottle contains a 280nm UV-C LED light that neutralizes up
    to 99.9999%* of harmful and odor-causing germs. It’s the world’s only
    mercury-free portable UV-C water purification technology.

    USB rechargeable
    The LARQ Bottle is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.
    One charge lasts 1-2 months** and conveniently recharges via USB.
    Convenient, reliable, and simple - why can’t everything be this easy?

    Vacuum insulated stainless steel
    Double-walled, electropolished stainless steel keeps your water cold
    for 24 hours.

    Intelligent activation
    The LARQ Bottle purifies at a touch and intelligently turns on automatically
    every 2 hours. Did you forget to clean again? Your LARQ Bottle didn’t!


    1. Fill with clear water (filtered water) up to the indicator line shown on the bottle illustration.
    2. Screw on cap and press the button to get purifying - once for Normal Mode, twice for Adventure Mode. (Do not interrupt the purification cycle by removing the cap or pressing the button!)
    3. While you wait, give the bottle a gentle shake or do your best water dance to spread the purifying UV light evenly. And voila! Enjoy pure water from a clean bottle. #DrinkBrilliantly


    Customer Reviews

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    It is an expensive water bottle but it is well worth it IMO, keeps everything fresh and clean which is what I want!

    How do I charge my Larq bottle? 

    Just like most portable electronic device, the Larq bottle is rechargeable. It comes with a micro-USB cable. One charge lasts up to 1 month and conveniently. This is based on estimated usage of 3-4 cycles a day. Your bottle will let you know that the battery is low by blinking yellow before and after a cleaning cycle.

    It also depends on the mode you're using. Normal Mode lasts up to 4 weeks of use and Adventure Mode lasts up to 10-12 days of use.

    What are different modes? 

    You can put your Larq bottle in four different modes. You can switch to a different mode simply by pressing the top of the cap.
    • Normal Mode

    Drinking water from a trusted, potable source? Then press once to activate
    Normal Mode (60-second cycle with a breathing sky blue light).

    • Adventure Mode

    Need an extra dose of purification power? Press twice to activate Adventure
    Mode (3-minute cycle with a pulsing blue light).

    • Self-Cleaning Mode

    Your LARQ Bottle loves to stay clean. That’s why every 2 hours, it will
    intelligently activate Self-Cleaning Mode (10-second cycle with breathing
    sky blue light).

    • Travel Lock

    Hopping across the world on your next adventure? Hold down for 5 seconds
    to activate the Travel Lock. (Travel Lock disables Self-Cleaning Mode for travel
    or storage.)

    What do the different LED colors mean? 

    The LED light will change color depending on the different modes your bottle is in, or if it needs charging. 
    • Breathing green light
      I'm charging!
    • Steady green light
      I'm fully charged!
    • Breathing sky blue light
      Normal Mode
    • Pulsing blue light
      Adventure Mode
    • Pulsing orange light
      Safety Mode
      (Will flash when activated outside the bottle or if the electronics are too hot.)
    • Steady yellow light
      Low on battery. I will flash twice before and after a cleansing mode.
    • Red/Purple light - Oh no! Something is wrong. Contact us and we'll make sure to figure this out quickly

    Can I add other drinks than water in my Larq bottle? 

    The Larq bottle was designed to purify and clean water only, so don't recommend adding any drinks to your bottle as it may damage it. If you do end up putting sugary drinks, tea or coffee in your bottle, hand wash it after each use with warm soapy water.

    Can I travel with my Larq bottle? 

    Yes, you can absolutely travel with your Larq bottle. If you're flying, make sure you empty out all the liquids from the bottle before you pass security. It may not be transported in a checked bag due to the Li-polymer battery in the cap. Travel Mode deactivates Self-Cleaning Mode, and is recommended if you are storing your LARQ Bottle for an extended period of time or to conserve battery life.

    Can I put ice in my Larq bottle? 

    Yes, you can put ice cube in your Larq  water bottle, it won't have any impact on the bottle. However, it may impact the efficiency of the UV-C LED since LARQ uses a line of sight technology and the ice may prohibit the UV-C LED from reaching certain areas of the bottle when solid. 

    The bottle is also insulated, so it will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours.