Ancient and Brave True Collagen (200g)
Ancient and Brave True Collagen (200g)
Ancient and Brave True Collagen (200g) Powder Ancient and Brave
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Ancient and Brave True Collagen (200g)

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    Ancient and Brave's True Collagen is a highly absorbable, odourless and tasteless and designed to replace vital proteins that naturally diminish with age. It contains key amino acids to nourish the body and to enhance natural beauty. 

    Use regularly to support digestive health, bones and joints, and glowing hydrated and nourished skin. 

    Size: 200g

    Dose: 6000mg/serving 


    On the go? Try our Ancient and Brave True Collagen Sachets instead!


    ♡ Why we love it ♡ 
    Ancient and Brave are an industry-leader for pure collagen and have quickly become one of our most sought-after brands. True Collagen is sustainably sourced and has superior quality and purity. 


      100% hydrolysed grass fed bovine collagen


      For a potent amount of collagen add 2 to 4 tsp (6 to 12g) to any brew or smoothie of your choice. 

      Approximately 30 servings.


      True Collagen comes in a recyclable glass bottles with recyclable food-grade plastics lids. The bottle comes in FSC certified cardboard.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 19 reviews
      Ben S.

      Slowly getting better

      Miriam H.
      Major change

      Love this product first time using it and I’ve noticed a lot of difference in my hair growth to the point I can’t even manage it I will definitely be purchasing again

      Tristin H.
      Ancient and Brave True Collagen

      On to my second bottle. I have noticed that my usually very painful hip is not so painful. When I recently visited the hairdressers my hairdresser noticed I had quite a bit of baby hair (new hair) so I am putting it down to the Collagen. My only concern is that I read in order for the collagen to be totally effective is to take Vit C and iron. Is this the case?

      So far so good!

      Only been using it for a couple weeks, but I can attest to it being tasteless, odorless, and easy on the stomach. I've been mixing one dose in with a cup of coffee every day. Collagen apparently takes consistent and prolonged use to notice results, but I'm happy enough to keep buying!