Energy CBD Mints (10mg) Capsules Lucent Botanicals
Energy CBD Mints (10mg) Capsules Lucent Botanicals
Energy CBD Mints (10mg) Capsules Lucent Botanicals
Lucent Botanicals

Energy CBD Mints (10mg)

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You want to seize the day, power through an afternoon slump, or hike that new trail you’ve been hearing about. You want a boost without the crash of caffeine. Maybe we have a solution for you...

Lucent’s unique blend of CBD, organic terpenes, anti-oxidants (Green Tea) and natural herbs is pretty unique in the CBD world. Botanic power.

Strength: 10mg per mint

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A unique blend made from Lucent Botanicals' expert lab, giving you the lift you need, when you need it. This fast acting CBD Mint gives you comfort that help is nearby, whenever you need it!

Key Ingredients: Cannabidiol (10mg), Ginseng (2mg), Basil (2mg), Green Tea (2mg)

Terpenes: α Pinene (0.5mg), β Pinene (0.5mg)

Other: Cane Sugar, Calcium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil

While one mint (10mg) may be enough for new users or those who are sensitive, a more common dose begins at two mints (20 mg).

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Lucent Botanicals

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Lucent deliver high-grade CBD, in an expertly crafted blend of botanicals to give you the effect you need whenever and wherever you want.

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