OTO CBD Sleep Drops (1500mg) Oil OTO
OTO CBD Sleep Drops (1500mg) Oil OTO
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OTO CBD Sleep Drops (1500mg)


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    OTO Sleep Drops is a brand new fast-acting and effective CBD oil that will make your evenings better. Infused with botanicals lavender and spearmint oil, this night time oil will bring you the calm you need after a long day and before a good night. 

    OTO has a significant innovation in how the product helps with dosing - a first-of-its-kind pipette that draws the precise dose needed at a click of a button. This means you can have a consistent dose without counting drops, it's by far one of our favourite oils now!

    Flavour: Spearmint


    Size: 15ml

    Strength: 1500mg 

    Dose per 0.5ml: 50mg



    MCT (From 100% Coconut Oil), Cannabidiol (CBD), Lavender Extract, Butterfly Pea Flower Extract, Field Mint Extract, Liquorice Extract, Lavender Oil, Spearmint Oil

    0.0% THC


    Click the button once and place the oil under the tongue, an hour/half an hour before bedtime


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Daniel G.

    Great product, my wife says that it's really helping her sleeping pattern.

    Game changer

    I've had issues with my sleep for my entire adult life which affect every single aspect of my day. I'd tried another brand of CBD which did nothing so I just assumed CBD didn't work for me, however friends kept suggesting I try it so I looked up which were the brands more suited for CBD to sleep and this one came up. I was very excited when it arrived but noticed no changes for maybe a week to 10 days but kept taking it and slowly started noticing a difference. Felt the full effects after maybe 3 weeks of taking it and I'm not looking back. It doesn't help me fall asleep so much, but it helps me stay asleep which was my main issue. I'm on my second bottle and sooo pleased with it. Give it a try but stick with it for a bit!!

    Laura W.
    Didn’t work for me

    I was excited to use this oil as have heard good things about CBD inducing a good night sleep. Unfortunately, I feel it made my sleep worse. I felt very restless throughout with vivid stressful dreams. Unsure whether I should have reduced the dose to start off with and build up but haven’t wanted to try again as don’t want the same experience. Disappointed in the product especially due to price tag. Had a similar effect to other over the counter sleep products I have tried and not liked.

    Simon S.
    Great drops!

    Really help get a decent night sleep with no after affects.
    A bit pricey but worth it!