MedTerra CBD Tincture (500-3000mg) Oil Medterra
CBD Tincture (500-3000mg) Oil Medterra
CBD Tincture (500-3000mg) Oil Medterra 3000
CBD Tincture (500-3000mg) Oil Medterra 1000
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MedTerra CBD Tincture (500-3000mg)

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    MedTerra's classic tinctures are a straightforward CBD supplement and are available in various concentrations.

    This CBD oil is completely tasteless and a great option for those looking wanting CBD without the bitter, "earthy" taste.

    One of our most popular and affordable oils per mg of CBD.

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    Size: 30ml


    CBD Oil Tinctures are made with our 99%+ CBD and MCT oil in strengths of 500mg and 3000mg with 0% THC, guaranteed. Affordable and easy to use, each CBD tincture contains 30 servings and can be taken day or night, sublingually.

    0% THC


    MCT Oil, 99%+ CBD Isolate


    1 full dropper morning or evening. Place under the tongue and leave for 1-2 minutes to allow the oil to absorb

    500mg contains 16mg of CBD per ml
    1000mg contains 33mg of CBD per ml
    3000mg contains 100mg of CBD per ml



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Shirley B.

    Excellent product

    Sandra M.
    Excellent service

    Have ordered from here on 2 occasions goods received in a very timely manner. Excellent communication throughout. Would definitely recommend.

    Ray G.
    First time experience

    This is my first time trying CBD oil. It really is a mine field but found the drug store and MedTerra brand after lots of research. Price was competitive and service from the Drug Store good. The product is tasteless with no aftertaste which is a bonus. I give it 4 stars because I don’t think I’ve got my dosages right yet so not getting the full benefits. Up to now My sleep quality is much improved and I’m more relaxed but I was wanting some relief from pain in my joints. Maybe this will come in time and if I increase the dose. Well worth a try.

    Jordan K.
    Great product

    Tastes great and works well

    What is Medterra CBD Oil?

    Medterra is a leading CBD brand from California, USA, that produces some of the purest CBD oil products in the world. After their launch in the UK with TheDrug.Store, they have fast become one of the UK's best and most popular CBD brands.

    CBD is a compound from the hemp and/or cannabis plant. Unlike THC, which can also be extracted from these plants, CBD does not have psychoactive effects and therefore will not make you high. CBD oil has taken the Health & Wellness world by storm and is frequently touted as 2019/2020's big wellness trend as people continue to love using it. CBD is typically used to help you unwind and recharge effectively from long and testing days - giving you a restful experience. 

    Medterra's most popular CBD product is their range of tasteless and odourless CBD oils. Typically, CBD oils have a quite bitter hempy or grassy taste as they have a mix of terpenes and are typically mixed with Hemp Oil. Instead of mixing their CBD isolate with Hemp oil, they mix it with MCT oil - making it a tasteless and much more enjoyable oil to take. 

    Our UK customers prefer tasteless CBD oil products as they can easily be mixed into drinks and food - as well as just being more pleasant to take daily.

    Medterra Review

    Medterra is a world leader in Sports & Fitness CBD products - helping you to get and stay active - or maintaining your lifestyle. With CBD products made from the highest purity CBD isolate, you know you are getting a high strength, high performing CBD product. 

    Medterra produces great CBD oils, capsules and creams (topicals).

    Check out our interview and review with Medterra here

    How much CBD oil should you take?

    Medterra produce 3 strengths of CBD oil, all made with pure CBD isolate and MCT Oil (instead of a Hemp oil base which can taste a bit grass-like). These tasteless and odourless CBD oils have rightfully placed Medterra as one of the best CBD oils available in the UK.

    Their oils come in the following three strengths:

    500mg - 17mg per ml

    1000mg - 33mg per ml

    3000mg - 99mg per ml

    Medterra also comes with a handy pipette measure so that you can accurately see how much CBD you are taking. This is quite rare in the CBD world as many brands do not do this - however, we have just released our own TheDrug.Store CBD oil in a 500mg and 1000mg strength that also contains this measure on the pipette.

    We recommend you to take at least 25mg of CBD oil a day, which means you would take 1.5x pipettes of the 500mg oil. However, if you want a stronger dose then you can change accordingly. If you want a stronger dose, or you oil to last longer - then we recommend you to buy the 1000mg or 3000mg oils. 

    Buying a stronger CBD oil means you can either have a stronger dose or take less and make it last longer. For example, the 1000mg Oil is 2x as strong as the 500mg oil - this means, for the same dose, you only need to take half as much. By this reasoning, a 1000mg CBD oil could be considered a "double strength" oil when compared to a 500mg CBD oil.

    Where should I buy CBD oil from?

    CBD oil is sold all over, but very few people selling it are knowledgeable about what it does or how much to take. That's why we built TheDrug,Store, to build the best place to buy CBD oil from in the UK. We are experts in CBD and know which product is right for you!

    We curate the best and biggest CBD brands in the world, bringing you only the best CBD oil products. Frequently people sell Hemp oil as CBD oil but they are very different. Hemp oil is also a lot cheaper! It's important to have a reputable source of CBD if you are to buy it regularly.

    If you have any questions then don't be afraid to contact us or talk to us on our chat function!