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Foria Suppositories Capsules Foria
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    Foria's Basics Suppositories are formulated with Broad-Spectrum CBD in Organic Cocoa Butter. Experience the soothing sensation of 100mg of CBD with fair-trade, organic cocoa butter.

    Also known as "Weed tampons", these little guys hit the shelves in the US before Foria and TheDrug.Store collaborated to bring them to the other side of the pond! There's been rave reviews and even a feature in Buzzfeed!


    After making waves in the US, we have THE CBD suppositories in the UK & Europe. With 110mg of sustainably grown hemp CBD, these little guys help you get in the groove when you need it most.

    When you need to fight that monthly feel and take to your day head on, Foria have your back - and the World's too, with all organic, fair trade and sustainable ingredients. 

    We call this Mother Nature vs Mother Nature


    Organic Fair Trade Cocoa Butter

    Sustainably grown Hemp Broad Spectrum CBD

    Contains 0.0% THC


    Storage - The suppositories remain solid below 23 degrees celcius so store in a cool, dry place!

    Use - We recommend to put the suppository in the fridge for 15min to make application easier

    Insert into your vagina deeply using your finger or tampon applicator - then relax!

    After it has had time to absorb some may exit your body - this is normal so just wear a panty liner or tampon if you fancy!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Help for pain

    Pleasantly surprised

    I got these to try for endometriosis pain, painkillers only take the edge off but paired with these there really is a difference. Doesn’t completely take the pain away but it’s more manageable :)


    I suffer with chronic bladder pain and these work wonders. The cost is the only downfall

    Laragh O.
    Foria suppositories

    Very helpful but very expensive for the amount in the box

    What are Foria Basics Suppositories? 

    Foria Wellness create strong and efficient CBD products meant to help with female wellness, whether it's to help with intimacy or discomforts. They have brought their CBD suppositories in the UK to help you ladies deal with uncomfortable times. 

    How do Foria Basics Suppositories work?

    Taking CBD oil or CBD capsules is great to help with general wellness. Using a more specific products can sometimes be better to target specific areas. 

    The Foria Basics Suppositories will have the oil spread from your vagina to the rest of your body, targeting the areas where you're feeling discomforts. 

    Read more about CBD and Female Sexual Wellness 

    How do I use Foria Basics Suppositories? 

    Create a comfortable environment and lay down. Insert the suppository in your vagina as deep as you can, like a tampon. The temperature of your body will make the suppository melt. Stay in that position for 15-20 minutes while the oil diffuses through your body. When you get up, there might be a bit of oil that leaks but that's nothing to worry about. 

    How much CBD is in the Foria Basics Suppositories? 

    Each suppostory contains 110mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract, i.e. cannabidiol and other cannabinoids. This powerful formulation will help you stay on top of your game even if Mother Nature decided otherwise! 

    How many Foria Basics Suppositories should I use? 

    Only use one at a time. Each suppository contains enough CBD to bring you the relief you need when you're dealing with these discomforts.