TheDrug.Store CBD Oil (1000mg) Oil
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TheDrug.Store CBD Oil (1000mg)

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    Made with pure CBD-isolate, TheDrug.Store's oil is perfect to take everyday and support your well-being.

    With our precise dropper, you know exactly how much you're taking and can stay consistent with your amount. 

    Size: 30ml

    Dose: 33mg/ml


    Want something stronger?

    TheDrug.Store 3000mg CBD oil


    ♡ Why we love it ♡ 

    We listened to your feedback to develop the highest-quality and purest Hemp CBD available. This oil is perfect for those who are starting their CBD oil journey.


     0.0% THC Vegan Gluten-Free  




    MCT Oil from Coconuts, CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) Isolate 3.2%


    Start with 1 full dropper (1ml / 33mg) in the morning or evening.

    Drop the oil under the tongue and leave for 1-2 minutes to allow the oil to absorb.


    This oil is housed in a glass bottle with plastic cap. The bottle comes in a cardboard outer. All packaging is 100% recyclable. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 71 reviews
    December 2.

    The only CBD oil that actually works .

    Stephen G.

    Happy to be paid to
    Show my positive colllie results x

    Jade R.
    Worked for me!

    Hadn’t had a full nights sleep in 18 months so I was at breaking point. Taking a full pipette of this 2 hours before bed helped me to stay asleep and has got me back into a rhythm so I no longer need to take it.

    Bernard D.
    CBD Oil 1000mg

    Bought it for my wife who has fibromyalgia, definitely helping as she has reduced pain killers and is sleeping much better, just ordered second bottle

    What is CBD Oil?

    CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound extracted from Hemp flowers and the hemp plant. The psychoactive parts of the plant (THC) is extracted to leave you with pure CBD.

    Once extracted, CBD is actually a crystal, not an oil - it is then mixed into a "carrier oil" which could be MCT oil, Hemp Oil, Olive Oil or Sunflower oil. TheDrug.Store 500mg CBD oil tincture is mixed with MCT oil so that the oil is tasteless and odourless. 

    Many companies mix their CBD with Hemp Oil which gives is a herby, grass like taste - not very pleasant at all!

    Our CBD oil tincture contains 0.0% THC which is legal in the UK and will not get you high! The oil has been made in the two most popular concentrations, 500mg and 1000mg, so you can start with a great and high quality oil! If you want something stronger, we also have the 3000mg strength! 

    How much CBD do the oil tinctures contain?

    Our TheDrug.Store CBD oils come in 3 strengths; 500mg, 1000mg, and 3000mg. This is how much CBD is actually in the bottle. Therefore the 500mg CBD oil tincture is half the strength of the 1000mg one.

    These bottles last between 3-4weeks (30 servings), we recommend to take 1ml per serving.

    We recommend you to take 20-35mg of CBD per serving but you can take more. Although we recommend you not to exceed 70mg a day. Our oils contain the following per 1ml serving of CBD:

    In the 500mg Oil, each serving contains 17mg of CBD

    In the 1000mg Oil, each serving contains 33mg of CBD

    In the 3000mg Oil, each serving contains 1000mg of CBD

    Each bottle is 30ml, meaning that a 1ml serving per day will last you 30-days. 

    How do I use CBD oil?

    Take 1ml of CBD oil and place under the tongue, leave it there for 1min or more before swallowing.

    Doing this allows for the CBD to be absorbed through your gums - and this is why we mix our CBD with MCT oil to avoid a nasty taste!

    We recommend you do this daily or morning and night to get the most out of our oils!

    Is CBD oil vegan and organic?

    Our CBD oil is both vegan and organic, although most CBD oils are vegan, not all of them are organic.

    We work hard to make sure we bring you the highest quality pure CBD oil in the UK and EU - while making it available to all! 

    Our oils are also Gluten Free!

    Read more about CBD oil and Veganism here

    Read more about if CBD oil is Organic here

    How do you find the best CBD oil?

    It's hard to find the best or right CBD oil tincture for you, there are so many out there that it makes it difficult to compare between brands.

    That's why TheDrug.Store is here, to provide a curated collection of CBD oils that pass our quality tests and we personally recommend. We make sure all our brands label their products in the same way to make it clear to you how much CBD is in each product. 

    It's also why we made TheDrug.Store CBD oils in the first place - so many people wanted a basic, go-to and reliable CBD oil that we made what we think is the best quality CBD oil available.

    If you want to research on what to look for when searching for the right pure CBD oil for you then check out our blog here