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Misfits Sweet Dreamz Capsules will give you better sleep. Available in the UK Thedrug.store
Misfits Sweet Dreamz Capsules all vegan and gluten free
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Misfits Sweet Dreamz Capsules

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    Establish the best foundation for a good night's rest with Misfits’ Sweet Dreamz capsules and their natural blend of botanicals. Formulated with scientifically backed plant extracts like 5-HTP Griffonia Seed and Chamomile, these sleep capsules aim to help you wake up feeling fully restored and ready to tackle the day with power and energy.

    ✔️ Plant-based

    ✔️ Nothing Artificial

    ✔️ 100% Plastic-Free Packaging

    ✔️ 30 Servings


    Levagen® Palmitic Acid, Montmorency Cherry Powder, Hypromellose Capsule Shell, 5-HTP Griffonia Seed Extract, Chamomile Flower Powder, Lemon Balm Extract (4:1), Maltodextrin. 

    Free from artificial colourings and preservatives. 



    Take 2 Sweet Dreamz capsules an hour before you go to bed.


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    What are Misfits Sweet Dreamz Capsules? 

    Misfits Sweet Dreamz capsules are a blend of natural botanics and adaptogens that help get better sleep like Lemon Balm and Chamomile. If you struggle to unwind in the evening or don't feel rested in the morning, these capsules are the ones for you. Get deeper and more restorative sleep and feel refreshed in the morning!  

    How many Misfits Sweet Dreamz capsules do I get? 

    One pack of Sweet Dreamz capsules contains 60 capsules, which equals to 30 doses. This pack will last at least a month, if you use it every evening. 

    Will I feel groggy after taking Misfits Sweet Dreamz capsules? 

    The Sweet Dreamz Capsules won't make you feel groggy in the morning as it contains no artificial sedatives. On the contrary, you will wake up feeling refreshed and rested after a good night's sleep. The formula was crafted by scientists who wanted to make sure you wouldn't feel groggy or tired in the morning after taking Sweet Dreamz capsules. 

    Take two Sweet Dreamz capsules in the evening, ideally an hour before you go to bed for high-quality sleep and a rested feeling the next morning. 

    Are Misfits Sweet Dreamz Capsules vegan? 

    Yes, all Misfits capsules and products are completely vegan and most of them are gluten-free, so everyone can get that boost of energy, no matter what your diet is! Misfits products are also packaged with 100% plastic-free and biodegradable material. These products will have a great impact on your wellness with the least impact on the planet and the environment. 

    What are Adaptogens?

    Adaptogens are plants or plant extracts that are usually used to help us relax and destress. They are part of Chinese ancient medicine and Ayurveda and have recently been used as a natural remedy. Some of the most well-known adaptogens are ashwagandha and ginseng. The most effective way to take adaptogens is to take them as supplements or to incorporate them into your diet.