The Ideal Winter Skincare Routine

The Ideal Winter Skincare Routine


We’re now deep in the winter season and no one's a fan. It’s cold, everyone’s getting ill and our skin is taking a toll, it's dry, dull and sad. Having a skincare routine is always important, but in the winter, you want to give your skin some extra love to keep the glow on. When we’re outside, our face is exposed to pollution and the cold (sometimes super dry) air that takes all the essential oils out of our faces. 

Whether we have dry, combination, oily skin, we’re all prone to dry winter skin, so let’s make sure we take care of it to keep it happy and healthy. 

Cannabis Beauty to the Rescue

Our skin tends to cry for help, so we start using more products than usual to make sure we soothe the dryness and itchiness. Using CBD-based products is a way to incorporate natural ingredients in our too-many-steps routine. Cannabidiol in skincare products also boosts the other active ingredients and makes the products even more efficient. 

On an everyday basis: 

Sounds like a given, but MOISTURIZE *insert clapping emoji* day and night. Our skin gets so dry and before we know it, it starts peeling and let’s face it, that's no one's wish. Moisturize day and night with a serum and a cream. The one you apply at night can even be richer than the daytime one, to make sure your skin locks it all in when you’re sleeping. 

In the evening, do your skincare routine as soon as you get home from work, this will allow your products to work for a longer period of time. 

Dr Kerklaan Skin Cream 

At night: 

Floré Revitalising mask is a great one to apply during the night to give you skin the moisture it needs. Apply a thick layer before you go to sleep and your skin will say thank you in the morning. 

Sleeping Facial

Brightening Night Cream

There are evenings where all we need is a face mask, a cup of tea and a nice film. With the short days, being at home is all we want to do, so let’s always make the best of that time. 

Grön Clay Mask with cucumber, seaweed and ginger is the perfect one to apply on those evenings. Also perfect to take some of the pollution out of your pores, helping you get a clean slate for the next day. 

Use face tools - when you’re in the cold, sometimes it feels like your face is completely frozen and you can’t move at all. Use a jade roller on a daily basis to wake your face up in a gentle and luxurious way. Using the gua sha will stimulate lymphatic drainage and help your skin get rid of toxins. Get the an at-home facial, no one knows your face better than you do. When using face tools, make sure you’re using a face oil or a serum on your skin before, otherwise you might damage your skin more than you take care of it. These tools will feel like a facial at home, and no one knows your skin better than you do, so you know which areas of your face to target. 

The Best Winter Skincare Routine

Step 1: 

On a freshly cleansed skin, apply an even thin layer of serum, even if you have oily skin. Applying this on bare skin will really lock in hydration into your skin and other products will apply very smoothly on your skin. Our favourite CBD serums are: 

MGC Derma Face and Neck Serum

Kat's Naturals Skin Serum

Step 2:

Take care of your eyes, this is the most sensitive part of your face, applying a product that’s specifically made for your eyes will give the area the nourishment it needs, with very gentle ingredients. Using something too light will not hydrate the area enough, using something too heavy will make you look tired. 

MGC Derma Eye Serum for Dark Circles

Grön Restore Eye Cream

Step 3:

Apply your everyday cream - this will bring another layer of hydration to your face, and will also lock in the moisture from the serum. Your moisturizer also provides a great barrier between your skin and your makeup. Dr Kerklaan Skin Cream is a cult favourite, suitable for every skin type. 

Step 4:

One of the most important and forgotten parts of skincare: SPF! Even in winter, even when it’s grey outside, the sun is always hiding somewhere, so make sure you protect your skin from it. As much as we love when it shines, the sun is really out to get our skin, so you want to make sure you apply this layer. 

MGC Derma BB cream with SPF 20 or day cream with SPF 30, both made with natural mineral sunscreen will naturally protect your skin from the sun. 

Step 5:

Lips: nobody enjoys having dried and chapped lips. The winter air takes all of the moisture out of our lips. Apothem Labs Multi Balm is the CBD version of Glossier’s balm dot com. Perfect for your lips but also for your dry hands or elbows. It’s the perfect product to keep in your bag to touch up throughout the day or soothe those dry patches we sometimes have on our faces. 

We also have a tendency of not giving our body skin the love and nourishment it deserves. Our overall skin gets very dehydrated in the winter and we sometimes end up looking like crocodiles. OTO CBD recently launched a range of body oils, each with 1000mg of CBD and serving different purposes. 

Apothem Labs Sculpt Body Oil

OTO CBD Body Oil

Avoid: harsh chemicals, alcohol, fragrance, coconut oil, parabens 

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