The Official CBD Christmas Gift Guide

The Official CBD Christmas Gift Guide


You know your yoga-loving, super zen, always on top of all of the wellness trends, impossible to shop for a friend?? We have got you, CBD comes to the rescue once again!

While it won’t get you high, cannabidiol shows significant promise in promoting better slumber, relieving anxiety, easing stress and improving the health of your skin—making it an essential part of self-care after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Here are the Top 5 CBD wellness products that will help you and your loved ones relax during the holidays.

1) Florance CBD Lozenges - are the perfect stocking filler to keep you calm and collected during the more hectic holiday social events, and are available in the refreshing Mint & Eucalyptus or the deep Blackcurrant flavours

2) Dr. Kerklaan Skin Cream - Holiday stress and anxiety can make skin problems worse. Flare-ups are common whether it’s acne, psoriasis or eczema because hormones like cortisol tell the glands in your skin to make oil, suppress your immune system and can cause an inflammatory response in the skin. Save your skin this holiday season with our Natural Skin Cream.

3) Myaderm CBD Pain Cream for those in need...of some serious relief for those aches and pains that have built up in your joints over the past few months - get the double strength if you want an extra bang.

4) CBDistillery Pure 500 or 1000mg CBD tinctures - small and mighty, for anyone who looking for the highest quality, hemp-derived CBD, and zero THC so you can get all of the benefits with none of the high, during the holiday and all-year-round

5) MedTerra 25mg CBD Capsules - the go-to CBD Capsules, and extremely popular with anyone seeking to get all the rest and relaxation you deserve over the holiday season.


  • Benedikt

    Hi Mark, I have the blackcurrant lozenges, and they have quite little cbd I think less than 1 mg each, but it is a good subtle effect, throughout the day

  • Mark

    CBDistillery looks decent, how much CBD is in the Lozenges?

  • Helen

    I’ve been looking for one of these – think I’ll get the Dr.Kerklaan Skin cream for my daughter! Thanks for the help on the live chat too guys! Merry Christmas

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