CBD Christmas Gift Guide

CBD Christmas Gift Guide


The holidays are coming up, which means that the shopping season is really close! We know that it can be a stressful season, you have to figure out who you have to buy gifts for, what you’re going to buy them and all the other details that no one really has time to be bothered with. 

You don't need to stress over your Christmas shopping anymore. We have it all figured out for you, with our new Gift Collection

Why CBD is the best gift to offer this year 

CBD is undoubtedly one of the biggest health and wellness trends this past year in the UK, and we’re absolutely here for it. Christmas or any other celebration you have coming up is the best opportunity to introduce your friends and family to CBD. 


TheDrug.Store's CBD Gifts 

The Glow Gift Box 

CBD skincare gift box UK Thedrug.store

Many people associate CBD with self-care and we’re totally here for it! In this era of hustle culture, it’s always important to press pause and take some time for yourself to breathe and hit the reset button. 

The glow gift box is for the men and women in your life who enjoy a pamper evening or who are very religious about their skincare routine. TheDrug.Store put together the glow gift set because we know that we all have that person in our lives who will be delighted to try some new skincare. With the winter season and the colder air around the corner, this is the perfect time to get this box for someone, or yourself.

Update your skincare routine with the Dr Kerklaan Natural Skin Cream and Grön Rejuvenate CBD face Mask. These are some of the best CBD skincare products in the UK, your skin will say thank you. The jade roller in this bundle is the perfect addition to your skincare routine, regardless of the products you’re using. 

Offering the Glow gift box is the best way to ease someone into the CBD world. Skincare is a priority for many people, so this is the best way to introduce them CBD. Give them something they already love with new ingredients. 

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The Intimacy Gift Box 

CBD Intimacy Gift box UK Thedrug.store

CBD and sexual health are very popular right now, mainly because of Foria Awaken. The CBD lube that made a lot of noise in Cosmopolitan, GQ or goop. It’s the star of the show and it’s also one of our bestsellers. The intimacy gift box is great to your partner, your friend who’s been having struggles in bed or simply to treat yourself. 

We all know that CBD helps make you feel calm and relaxed on the daily, so why not try it in bed? Using CBD for sex will have your body relaxed and help you let loose and feel free. 

This box is one you can gift your friend you know who's been struggling with their sexual wellness. It's also the perfect box to offer your partner because everyone would say yes to more pleasure. This one is definitely more for women, as the products were developed according to the way the female body was made. But that doesn't mean that men can't enjoy it, if both partners are happy and comfortable, you just know it's going to be a great time. 

This set is also for those who like to fly solo, because sexual wellness is a big part of self-care. Offering this box might be an odd way to introduce someone to CBD but sometimes 

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The Sleep Gift Box

CBD Sleep Box UK Thedrug.store

Did you know that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping? Unfortunately, too many of us don't get enough sleep. 

Now, CBD is not going to make you fall asleep but it's the perfect supplement to take when you need to unwind in the evening. We all have that person in our life who is very stressed with work, always on-the-go and would definitely need to calm down a little. It's important to hit pause and to take time for yourself to fully recharge and feel refreshed the next day. 

In this bundle, you get:

Yuyo Botanics PM Formula oil, which is one of our most popular oils that people use in the night time

Lucent Botanicals Calm mints, which are perfect to take during the day whenever you feel like it's all a bit too much and you could use a little freshness. 

Blasta Henriet Eye Pillow: The perfect accessory to use for your yoga and meditation sessions, or whenever you feel like you need a moment of calm.

CBD Christmas Gifts UK OTO Discovery Pack Thedrug.store

More CBD Gifts

Introducing someone to CBD? OTO CBD have just launched the Discovery Pack of their Roll-Ons, an elegant present that's also very powerful and perfect to try their range of products. 

Our CBD Edibles are also the perfect introduction to CBD: CBD gummies, CBD chocolate, CBD mints... we have it all. They're one of the easiest ways to take CBD in the UK while still being effective. At TheDrug.Store, we have all forms of CBD edibles available in the UK and many different strengths. Whether you're looking for something strong or weaker, we have them available! They're the perfect little gift if you're doing a secret Santa or White Elephant, you can be sure that everyone will love them. 

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 Although they are CBD-free, our accessories could also be great gifts to get for your friends or anyone who is into wellness and would enjoy a fun gift! 

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