Can CBD Help You Sleep?

Can CBD Help You Sleep?

Have trouble sleeping? Keep waking up in the middle of the night? You are not alone, according to a study published by the UK health foundation approximately 30% of us are severely sleep deprived. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an all-natural possible solution that evidence suggests may have you waking up feeling refreshed and revitalised ready to start the day.

The Importance of Sleep

In this increasingly fast-paced, tabloid dominated world, a satisfying, restful night’s sleep is getting tougher and tougher to achieve. While many treatments for sleep impairments are available, these are not always effective and are plagued with unwanted side effects including headaches and dizziness/light-headedness. However, many studies 1 2 recently have indicated that CBD may be a reliable and effective treatment option to keep you feeling well rested and ready to perform.

Sleeping isn’t simply just a state of rest, your brain is still hard at work whilst you sleep, removing toxins and getting itself ready for the next day. The regulation of the sleep-wake pattern is controlled by the complex communication between the neurons in your brain and when these communications become disrupted, sleep disturbances can occur. 3


Why we Struggle to Sleep

Two of the main reason why we have trouble sleeping are stress and pain. When we feel anxious and stressed it can be difficult to manage negative thoughts and worries especially when in the process of trying to get to sleep. Chronic pain such as arthritis and persistent headaches play a large role when it comes to insomnia and sleeping trouble. Among those with chronic pain, an estimated 50% to 80% have ongoing sleeping difficulties.4 CBD is widely known for its anxiolytic (anxiety reducing) and pain-relieving potential and may be able to aid sufferers in drifting off to a peaceful sleep.

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How Does CBD help you Sleep?

CBD is one of the many chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, however, it does not possess the intoxicating effects that’s it’s relative THC is famous for. Instead, it has been the subject of many studies for its therapeutic effects and is showing promise as the treatment for a variety of health conditions including anxiety and chronic pain. Both of which are major causes of sleep disorders. 



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  • Kat

    Is it ok take CBD if I’ve consumed alcohol?
    Is it ok to take CBD with prescribed medicationaction Seroxat aka Paroxetine ?
    Will CBD interfere with Type 2 diabetes meds.?

  • Brian Shaw

    Hi, i dont sleep very well at all, i cannot get to sleep until i pass out at 6 am aprox but i have heart valve and joint problems i am always worried about the effect of any off shelf tablets on these problems, i am 83 years old.thank you regards Brian

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