Best Vegan CBD Products

Best Vegan CBD Products

The Vegan Craze

Vegan, cruelty-free, organic, non-GMO… so many words that people now look for before buying a supplement. Health comes first and what we feed ourselves with matters more than it ever has.

Veganism is on the rise, people go vegan for the environment, the animals, their wellbeing… no matter the reason, markets have to adapt and create products that are suitable for them.

That’s why we find it important to curate our products and make sure that there’s fit for all customers.


CBD is plant-based

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, which means it’s literally plant-based. Things get complicated when the products are being made because some products like capsules or gummies typically require bovine gelatine to be made. But don’t worry, we sorted things out for you and have a collection of vegan CBD products for you.


The best vegan CBD oils

All of our oils are vegan, but we curated some of the best ones for you. If you like your CBD oil tasteless, MedTerra or CBDistillery are for you. If you like something more hempy, try Kat’s Natural’s Heal or Florance. Or if you like your oil a bit fruitier, try the Yuyo Botanics blends, they add other organic botanicals like ashwagandha, hops and chamomile in their oils.  They have one specifically made for the morning and another one for the evening. We definitely wanted to make sure we had something to suit everyone’s tastes.


A vegan CBD capsule?

Some people like to take capsules over oil because they find it more convenient, but this makes it challenging for people on a vegan diet. Vegan CBD capsules are pretty hard to find because a lot of them are made out of bovine gelatine.

At TheDrug.Store, we made sure we had capsules suitable for vegans. Infinite CBD caps are the only vegan ones available on the market, they’re made out of vegan gelatine, or agar agar if you’re a connoisseur.

We now have vegan CBD gummies available! The perfect addition to your daily essentials, with an amazing taste and the same strength as a capsule! 

Naturally glowy

Many of our creams and body oils are also vegan. With brands like Dr Kerklaan, Fast CBD, Kat’s Naturals, Kiskanu, you can have your skin and body feel amazing without wondering what ingredients you are applying. Our skin always deserves the best and most natural ingredients. Our skin is the largest organ of the human body so it’s important we care for it well. Parabens, fragrance, harsh chemicals are some of the ingredients you should avoid applying on your skin.  The fact that it’s vegan is an added bonus.

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