The Best CBD Products for the Night Time

The Best CBD Products for the Night Time


As we've said before, sleep is one of the pillars of our general wellbeing and we always want to give you the best tips to have healthy sleep. In the new year, many people make it a resolution to better their sleeping habits and we're always happy to help. 

We’ve covered how CBD can be a great add-on to your morning routine and what the best products to do so are. One of the top reasons why people take CBD in the UK is to improve their sleep, to unwind in the evening. 

It’s important to point out that CBD will not make you fall asleep, you also need to implement some good habits that will optimize your night in your evening routine. 

Best Hemp Products at Night UK

The Best Hemp for the Best Sleep

That being said, hemp products for the evening come in all shapes, sizes and strengths. Night time products are usually quite strong in CBD to help you switch off and get over the busy day of work more efficiently. 

CBD sleep products are usually broad-spectrum or crafted with other botanicals or cannabinoids to support the effect of cannabidiol through their calming properties. 

If you already take a daily dose of CBD, we’d recommend taking that amount if you really want to unwind in the evening. But as we always say, it’s down to everyone to find the amount that would suit them the most. You can take it anytime in the evening but if you really want it to have the most effect on how you sleep, it’s best to take it 15-20 minutes before you go to bed. 

CBD Capsules for the night time UK

How to take CBD at Night

The easiest way to do it without shaking up your nightly routine too much is to add a few drops of oil or some of our new CBD drink drops in your tea or your water. The Soothe You drops will add a berry flavour to your drink and 30mg of broad-spectrum hemp. 

Our favourite tinctures

Yuyo Botanics PM Formula oil 
Plant People Drops+Zzz

One of the most sustainable products, from the inside out. This nighttime oil is great to take when you feel like the night is not gonna be as sound as you wish. Take this 20-30 minutes before bed and you’ll feel your body and mind unwind, you’ll be ready for some peaceful Zzz. 

Apothem Labs Lights Out 

One of the latest additions to TheDrug.Store, Apothem Labs use botanical synergy to create the best and most efficient products for your sleep. Blended with milky oats, chamomile and a hint of caramel, this blend of 3000mg of hemp and botanics will bring a bit of sweetness to your evening as well as a well-rested mind. 

OTO CBD Sleep Drops

OTO have just launched a brand new CBD oil, specifically made for the evening. With 1500mg of CBD and soothing botanicals like lavender and spearmint, the combination of these products will bring you the calm you need before you sleep. With this oil, you get exactly 50mg of CBD through the simple click of a button. This one-a-kind CBD oil is for you if you've been struggling with your Zzz. 


CBD Capsules for the nighttime 

Capsules are the easy and painless way of taking CBD, whether they are isolate or broad-spectrum. 

Plant People Be Calm Capsules 

These capsules are great to take during the day and in the nighttime. Their blend of CBD and adaptogens is ideal to take away the stress of the day or to feel calmer on a day to day basis. When you take the capsules in the evening, they will help you unwind and not focus on your day. 


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