The Breakdown on CBD Edibles

The Breakdown on CBD Edibles


By now, everyone knows about CBD oil in the UK and we all know how amazing it is, how good it can be for us. But sometimes, we don’t really have time to leave some oil under our tongue. For most of us, in the morning, every minute counts before we have to rush out the door and be at work on time. 

If oil is not your jam, you can always go for caps. The same quality as the oil, and quite fast-absorbing. CBD capsules are a great solution for those who want to know exactly how much CBD they’re taking.  These two are great for those who want to take a standard amount of CBD

What are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are now the fun way to take CBD. They’re a great way to take a smaller amount of CBD in the UK. Take them with you everywhere and have one whenever you feel like you need your CBD fix. They're ideal to bring you bit of balance in a very subtle way.  

If you're taking CBD for its calming effects, edibles might not be the first choice for you, as you would need to take quite a lot of them to feel the effects. A CBD oil should always be the first choice for anyone who's taking CBD and expects quick results. 

 Best CBD edibles CBD mints UK

TheDrug.Store's CBD Edibles

Our CBD Mints 

Lucent Botanicals 

Lucent Botanicals is one of our customers’ favourite products. They’re very discreet and easy to transport. With four different formulas (Mood Lift, Focus, Calm, Energy) the goal is to craft products with ingredients that help with different purposes. Each mint has 10mg of CBD, feel the effect the soft effect of the CBD as well as the other ingredients.  

Mr Moxey’s Mints

A typical English mint, with 5mg of CBD. Again, perfect to have on-the-go, keep in your bag. These CBD mints are perfect to help you balance your mood and support your general wellbeing. 

CBD Gummies

CBDistillery Vegan Gummies 

Vegan gummies, because everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy this fruity taste. They’re for the ones who have no patience and who want their daily intake of CBD to be an easy thing. 

With 30mg of CBD, CBDistillery crafted these vegan CBD isolate gummies with as much CBD as in their capsules. 

NEW IN: Pollen Vegan CBD Gummies 

Pollen is a new brand of vegan and innovative CBD products. With three different purposes: Powerbank, No Pressure, Soothe You, Pollen crafted vegan CBD gummies you can take on-the-go. With 10mg of CBD, you can have 2-3 gummies per day.  

Enjoy their fruity taste while getting the effects of CBD and the other botanicals in the gummies. 

Vegan CBD Gummies withpollen UK

CBD Sprays - An easy on-the-go option. 

The perfect product to take on-the-go. Spray a little bit when you’re on your way to meet with your friends or anyone. You don’t get a lot of CBD but you get a fresh breath and slight effect of zen. 

Simplex Vitamin Spray

With three different formulas with CBD blended with either Vitamin B, C and D complexes, this product is made for you is you’d rather take multiple supplements in one go. If you’re one of those people who hates taking capsules but who is also obsessed with their vitamins, this one's for you. Fast, easy and powerful

H. Hemp Super Breath Blast Spray

A Fresh breath and some CBD at the same time? The perfect combination after a long day of work when you have to meet with your friends but have no time to get home and freshen up. 

We now have CBD Chocolate! 

Paso Chocolate bars are packed with 75mg of broad-spectrum CBD. With a milk chocolate and dark chocolate option, Paso CBD is the new late-night snack that will soothe your cravings and keep you chill. 

How to take CBD edibles? 

CBD Edibles and gummies are the perfect way to take CBD for anyone who likes to microdose. Not everyone needs a big amount to go on with their day, so they're the ideal option for those. Taking edibles is also a great to soothe any who has a sweet tooth because after all, they all come in sweet form. And although they have CBD in them which will be good for you, they also have the sugar we all crave during the day. 

Take one edible every few hours and let the CBD do its thing, because you have to digest them, it will take a while to start feeling an effect. 

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