How to Correctly Dose CBD

How to Correctly Dose CBD

CBD Dosage: Everything You Need to Know

One of the questions we get the most is: How much CBD should I take? The fact is that it's not an easy question to answer. As of yet, there are no official guidelines, but we will attempt to break down what we know and give you some top tips on how to find the right dose for you.

Before we dive in, let's set some facts straight. According to the available studies and the World Health Organisation, CBD does not present any health risks it's even at higher dosages, for many this is comforting to know. That said we do recommend following the official UK guidelines to not exceed 72mg per day.


Although, CBD products come in many different product types, dosing for all consumable products can generally be compared like for like. Most people decide to use CBD oil as it's very easy to adjust dosing according to needs. For that reason, the following tips are primarily applicable to oils.


What does CBD strength mean?

CBD oil concentration and the numbers on the packaging can cause some confusion when discussing dosing. When you purchase CBD oils it will normally state how much CBD is in the whole bottle. Normally this would be around 500-3000mg. This amount of CBD will always be diluted in some kind of carrier oil - MCT oil is commonly used as its taste neutral.

The amount of CBD in relation to the carrier oil is what we know as concentration. Sometimes, you will see brands marking their products based on the concentration ie. 10% CBD oil. Simply put this means that 10% of the bottle content is CBD in other words, there is 100mg per ml. If you are a little confused by now, we completely understand. That's why we generally recommend ignoring the percentage concentration and instead focusing on the total milligrams in the bottle.


The goal is to find the ideal dose for you in milligrams, then it doesn't matter which concentration you purchase, as long as you take the right amount of oil. As a rule of thumb, it is more economical to purchase a stronger oil as you can use less of it and still get your desired dose. That said, we always recommend starting with a low concentration oil to figure out whether CBD is the right thing for you, before making a bigger investment.

How much CBD should you take?

The amount of CBD you should take depends on a range of factors. While everyone’s body is different and will metabolise CBD to different extents, factors such as weight, height and product type also play a significant role. Additionally, there are many reasons why people turn to CBD ie. sleep, pain anxiety etc. making it even harder to standardise dosing.


As a rule of thumb, we generally recommend a dose of around 16-64mg of CBD oil per day. If it's the first time you are trying out CBD, it is always recommended to start low and slowly increase the dose over time. A low dose should be around 10 to 20 mg a day. After a few days, you can start to increase until you see the desired effect.

Which CBD oil is right for you?

As mentioned, it doesn't necessarily matter which strength of oil you buy, but rather how much you take. All CBD oils will indicate the amount of CBD per ml or drop, so once you figure out the right dose for you, you can easily use different strengths of oil as long as you match the CBD dose. See the table below for a comparison of oils.

Comparison chart for 30ml CBD Oils


500 mg

1000 mg

3000 mg


1 ml

0.5 ml

3 drops


2 ml

1 ml

6 drops

The starter dose (16 mg) would equal 1ml (1 dropper) of 500 mg CBD oil, 0.5 ml (half a dropper - just like on the photo) of 1000 mg oil or only 3 drops of 3000 mg oil - and so forth.

Common mistakes when taking CBD oils

Not giving it enough time
Taking your oil regularly, even if you initially think you can't feel much of a difference, can help. Sometimes CBD will have to build up within your system for you to feel the effect.


Not taking the correct dose

It takes time to find the optimal dose. If you don't notice any effects, try increasing the dose. However, according to the guidelines in the UK, the daily intake shouldn't exceed 70mg.


Approaching CBD with the wrong mindset

The correlation CBD has with cannabis and the large claims seen in the media means that many people are approaching CBD with the wrong mindset. CBD is a food supplement and not a medical product - your expectations should reflect that.


Whichever way you choose to take CBD, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on

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